Anya & Bart

Het succesverhaal van Anya en Bart. In het Engels, om ook de Russische lezer gelukkig te maken.

As can be read in the TimeLine, Anya accidently clicked on Bart’s name on Skype at 3 november 2008. After some small talk and some webcam session, Bart asked Anya to come to the Netherlands to show her the beauty of the south of the Netherlands. And at 10 december 2008 Anya landed at Schiphol Airport where Bart picked her up. Bart showed her Den Bosch and some DVD’s and at saturday (in The Efteling) we both found out that the “spark of love” hit both of us and we fell in love.

The last days of the first Anya-holiday were very great. Both in love and happy but also hard that it could only last for a small amount of time. At 16 december 2008 Anya had to return to Russia.

After Anya returned to Russia we skyped/webcammed/chatted a lot (again!) but this time we both starting to think of the future together. Right now, we’re almost done with the entire process of Anya getting a Dutch passport.

Here are the old blog which we used to start this website.
Here are the old chatscripts between Anya and Bart

And the old News section… fun to read..

Official TimeLine
03 Nov 2008: Anya found Bart online
05 Nov 2008: First Webcam session
06 Nov 2008: Anya decided to come to NL in December
26 Nov 2008: Anya received invitation in order to receive Visa
30 Nov 2008: Anya booked ticket from 11 December till 16 December
01 Dec 2008: Anya received Visa
11 Dec 2008: Anya landed at Schiphol Airport at 19:30 Dutch time
12 Dec 2008: Bart and Anya visited Den Bosch (and H&M)
13 Dec 2008: Fallen in love at Efteling, visited live show from Bart
14 Dec 2008: Visited Rotterdam and Greek Restaurant
15 Dec 2008: Visited Burgers Zoo
16 Dec 2008: Sad day.. Anya left
03 Feb 2009: Anya started to learn Dutch
05 March 2009: Anya landed at Schiphol Airport at 19:05 Dutch time
05-10 March 2009: Wonderful mornings, days, evenings and nights together
10 March 2009: Anya left…Anya and Bart started to count days before Bart’s holidays in Russia.
10 April 2009: Bart send invitation to Russia for Anya’s holiday
19 April 2009: Bart is  27 :p
25 April 2009: Bart received visa for Russia
01 May 2009 – 9 May 2009: Bart went to Russia for Holiday
06 May 2009: Anya received visa for 65 days
09 May 2009 – 12 July 2009: Anya was in NL for Holiday
28 July 2009: Anya passed Dutch exam.
09 Aug 2009: Bart send papers for translation.
26 Aug 2009: Papers send to IND for MVV advice request.
01 Sept 2009: Bart received letter from IND that they will give us answer till 12 November.
25 Sept 2009: Positive advice from IND!
8 Oct 2009: Anya received C+D visa
21 Oct 2009: Anya and Bart are re-united .
23 Oct 2009: Anya officially start living in NL by living with Bart at the same address.
27 Oct 2009: Anya started with Inburgeren
28 Oct 2009: Anya received VVR after meeting with IND. She can officially work now!
17 Nov 2009: Anya has found a job as java-programmer.
12 Jan 2010: Applied for M-46 in order to get married.
27 Jan 2010: Received M46 certificate, we can get married!
28 Jan 2010: Anya has first lesson Dutch in Den Bosch @ HvA
01 Mar 2010: Ondertrouw
29 Apr 2010 at 14.00 : Anya and Bart are married!
8 – 14 Jun 2010: Holiday in Russia
12 – 24 Sept 2010: Honeymoon in Cypus
25 Oct 2010: We received the key to our new house
01 Nov 2010: Living in the new house in Helmond
15 Nov 2010: After 5 weeks Anya received results of Dutch exam. She passed Dutch exam (NT2-II, which equals to B2 language level). That means that she is “ingeburgerd” and after 3 years can ask for Dutch passport!